Belle epoque : a novel of beauty and betrayal

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Année de publication: 2013
ISBN: 9780385741460
Notes supplémentaires: Couverture rigide, Le livre possède une jaquette

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WHEN MAUDE PICHON runs away from provincial Brittany to Paris, her romantic dreams vanish as quickly as her savings. Desperate for work, she answers an unusual ad. The Durandeau Agency provides its clients with a unique service-the beauty foil. Hire a plain friend and become instantly more attractive.

Monsieur Durandeau has made a fortune from wealthy socialites, and when the Countess Dubern needs a compan ion for her headstrong daughter, Isabelle, Maude is deemed the perfect foil.

Isabelle has no idea her new “friend” is the hired help, and Maude’s very exis tence among the aristocracy hinges on her keeping the truth a secret. Yet the more she learns about Isabelle, the more her loyalty is tested. And the longer the deception continues, the more she has to lose.

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